• Why You Need to Convince Your Senior Clients to Take up Meditation

    Why You Need to Convince Your Senior Clients to Take up Meditation

    Meditation: The Key To Unlocking Improved Motor Function for Seniors

    Have you ever worked with a client whose body seems to work against them?

    No matter how many times you teach them a movement, no matter how often you practice—and you may even see both progression and regression—but ultimately it never seems to stick.

    These clients might offer explanations like,

    “I tell my body what to do, but it just doesn’t seem to want to do it right.”

    “I promise, I’m trying, but my body just doesn’t move like yours anymore.”

    Frustrating, isn’t it? For you and them, because you know they are trying.

    What if in some of these cases, the failure has nothing to do with your training ability? Or your client’s effort and commitment levels?

    Greater effort, focused muscle training, different breathing, extra concentration—none of this will help because it’s actually a problem with your client’s brain.

    And you can help your clients overcome this frustrating reality by encouraging them to try something simple: meditation.

    Motor Function Declines with Age

    Before getting into the benefits of meditation for your senior clients, let’s establish an important fact:

    Brain volume declines with age.

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